ASUS Peer Tutoring

ASUS Peer Tutoring (APT) is a new and improved service that partners upper-year students who have excelled in courses with students who need some help. At $15 per hour, APT is both the cheapest tutoring service in Kingston, and the highest paying undergraduate job on campus. Visit the links below to get a tutor or sign up to become one yourself. Bursaries are also available for students in financial need.

*Tutees: Please ensure that you request only ONE tutor per course*

Tutoring Guides 

Guides for tutoring are available in .pdf form below. As of February 2017, they are only available for select CISC courses, courtesy of COMPSA.. If you want access to these documents, please e-mail with your name and verification of enrolment for the specific course. An e-mail will be sent back to you with a password to access the document. Questions regarding the content of the guides can be directed to the COMPSA Academics Commissioner at Any further questions can be forwarded to the ASUS Peer Tutoring Director at or the Academics Commissioner at