Have a question about appealing a grade or dropping a course? An issue with a professor or a grade you received? Contact the Academics Commissioner if you are ever unsure of where to go for academic support. The Commissioner can provide you with advice, answer your questions, and direct you to additional resources.


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Levels of Academic Appeals

1)    Appeal to the Associate Dean (Studies)

a.     What can you appeal

                    i.     Drop courses past the academic deadline  

                    ii.     Add courses past the academic deadline

                    iii.     Credit standing in a course

2)    Appeal to the Board of Studies

a.     This is where students can appeal a decision made by the Board of Studies

3)    Appeal to the University Student Appeal Board

Additional information can be found at

Academic Resources and Descriptions

Academics Commissioner-Arts and Science Undergraduate Society:

Academics Affairs Commissioner-Alma Mater Society:

  • Deals with issues related to the educational quality, teaching excellence, and financial accessibility of a Queen’s education and works to inform students of these issues as well


Academic Grievance Centre:

  • Serves to help students with questions or concerns about the academic appeals process, academic regulations, and academic discipline. Volunteers are hired to work in the Centre and are a resource and support for students who have a problem or simply need someone to listen.


Academic Counselling/Advising:

  • Answer academic-related questions about degree programs, requirements for dual degrees, letters of permission to take courses at other universities, appeals


Student Academic Success Services:

  • Individual appointments for enhancing academic skills and self-management strategies (writing, note-taking, exam prep, presentation skills, organization and time management, and many more)


Extenuating Circumstances

Self-declaration of Brief Absence Form

  • Brief absences due to unexpected illnesses or distressing events, and you are unable to complete marked academic work, however you anticipate returning to school within 48-72 hours.

Request for Academic Consideration for Extenuating Circumstances

  • Request for extenuating circumstances where you know you will experience impairments, with the ability to complete some but not all work, for up to 3 months.

Verification of Personal Health Condition

  • Verifying a diagnosed health condition with a health care professional.

Verification of Confidential Extenuating Circumstances

  • Extenuating circumstances that are not a health condition but you are not comfortable disclosing the specifics of the situation, then you can fill out the form with a support professional at Queen’s (chaplain, sexual violence prevention and response co-ordinator, human rights office advisor etc).

Request for Excused Absence for Significant Events

  • Participation of an event at the provincial, national or international level that is either a varsity athletics event or an event to which you were invited as a distinguished guest.


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