Our History

Celebrating 127 Years

The Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) was established in 1890 as the all-male Arts Society. The Arts Society was created by a group of students and took its current name in 1967 when the Arts Society merged with the all female Levana Society. The Levana Society was founded in 1888, at a time when women were not given the same rights as male students.

While its name has changed over the years, the fundamental purpose has remained consistent. We seek to enhance the educational experience of Arts & Science students in and out of the classroom and to represent and advocate on behalf of the student body to the faculty and administration.

The Society is governed by an elected President & Vice President, who are responsible to the student body through the legislation of ASUS Assembly. The President & Vice President hire a council of 6 commissioners and officers who oversee a diverse range of committees.

ASUS is the largest faculty society at Queen’s University. We currently represent over 10,000 undergraduate students and have more that 2,000 volunteer opportunities available. Nonetheless, we continue to boast the lowest student fee of all faculty societies at our university.

With such a rich history of student service, ASUS continues to grow and improve while upholding our traditions. The Society’s success is a direct product of the quality and dedication of student volunteers at all levels of involvement.