ASUS prides itself on a history of leadership excellence. As such, we recognize the excellence of Arts and Science students, both in and out of the classroom. Applications for these awards will be posted as they are made available.

W.J. Barnes Teaching Award 

Nominations are open until October 23, 2019!
The W. J. Barnes Teaching Excellence Award of the Arts & Science Undergraduate Society is considered the highest tribute the Society can pay to an individual for teaching excellence. The Award is presented to deserving members of the Faculty of Arts & Science who have made a significant contribution to teaching.

Teaching Assistant Excellence Award

Nominations are open until October 23, 2019!

Teaching Assistant Excellence Award is the highest level reward the society attributes to a student in a teaching position. This award is presented to deserving individuals who have demonstrated their interest in bettering the educational experience of others through encouraging participation, offering novel feedback, and offering significant contributions to the learning process.

ASUS Scholarship

Nominations close on March 18th, 2019 at 4:00PM.
The ASUS Scholarship is the highest tribute the Society can pay to a graduating student for academic achievement and extracurricular involvement. The scholarship is awarded annually to up to four, full-time undergraduate students.

Mark R. Wilson Award

Nominations close on March 18th, 2019 at 4:00PM!
The Mark R. Wilson Award is the highest tribute the Society can pay to a student for valuable and distinguished service to the University in non-athletic, extracurricular activities. This award may recognize exceptional service in a single area or contributions over a wide range of activities.


If you are looking to improve your academic experience or have a great idea, we can help you out. There are five grants available in both the Fall and Winter semesters for students and committees. 

Arts & Science Undergraduate Research Fund (ASURF)

The ASURF was designed to make undergraduate research more accessible to arts & science students at Queen's. Any student conducting undergraduate research at Queen's can apply for funding to enhance their experinece.

ASUS Committee Grant

The ASUS Committee Grant is open to groups or committees within ASUS that intend to benefit the Society and/or its membership.

Sibling Society Grant

The Sibling Society Grant shall be open to undergraduate groups or clubs within COMPSA, CESA and PHEKSA that intend to benefit the membership of their respective societies.

Student Initiative Grant

The Student Initiative Grant is open to undergraduate students within ASUS seeking to positively affect their university experience or education.

Departmental Student Council Grant

The Departmental Student Council Grant is open to any DSC looking to fund a new event or initiative.