What do we do?

The opportunities and experiences we offer students are as varied as their disciplines. From Art History to Statistics, we represent all 10,000+ Arts and Science students. At ASUS, we are dedicated to enhancing your academic experience, and to offering a differentiated learning environment. We seek to offer opportunities that span beyond the depth and breadth offered in the classroom. With over 2,000 volunteer positions, ranging from academics to services, we have got you covered. 

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The President's portfolio consists of charting the direction of the Society and advocating on behalf of all Arts and Science students on academic and non-academic issues. For example, the Queen's Undergraduate Internship Program and the Personal Interest Credit, are the result of past presidents' efforts to improve student life.

From AMS Assembly, Faculty Board, and regular meetings with the Dean of Arts and Science, the President utilizes a number of avenues to ensure your concerns are raised, discussed and acted upon. If you have an issue or idea you’d like to bring forward, get the ball rolling by contacting the President.

Furthermore, the President, along with the VP, oversee an executive portfolio which consists of Arts and Science Formal, Career Projects, Information Technology, ASUS Orientation, and ASUS Camps. For more information, contact president@asus.queensu.ca.


The Vice-President is elected alongside the President and is directly responsible for all financial matters of the Society. The VP creates the yearly general operating budget and works closely with the Head Gael and ASUS Camps Directors to ensure the financial sustainability of orientation week and camps.

The VP also works very closely with the President to make what was established in their election platform a reality. As a voting member on Faculty Board, ASUS Assembly, and AMS Assembly, the VP is responsible for acting in the best interest of students and advocating on their behalf.

If you have any questions about the financial operations of ASUS, financial assistance for ASUS initiatives, or grants, you can reach the Vice-President at vp@asus.queensu.ca.



The Academics Commission works toward fostering a positive academic environment, both in and out of the classroom. Going beyond what a classroom offers, it seeks to augment your Queen's experience by offering campus' cheapest peer-tutoring service, publishing several academic journals focused on a variety of academic disciplines, hosting a revitalized Queen's Canadian Leadership Conference, advocating for students at Curriculum Board, and managing all Departmental Student Councils.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Commission strives to empower student volunteers to aid non-profit, local organizations and build a strong, collaborative community within the Kingston region. Consisting of ten committees, the commission offers a variety of opportunities to lend a helping hand to those in need. From working with the Kingston Humane Society through Lost Paws to volunteering at Pathways to Education through Partners in Education, the commission provides impactful experiences for students and community organizations alike.


The Equity Commission strives to represent the voices of all students on campus to foster an inclusive and accountable climate in the Queen’s community. Through hosting a series of interactive and creative events, the commission strives to engage students with topics of social equity and social justice, which include but are not limited to: privilege, gender identification, sexual orientation, sexual assault, disability, mental health, culture, race, religion and feminism. The commission seeks to provide support and advocacy on behalf of students in efforts to alleviate the inequitable barriers that are faced by many students.


The Services Commission is responsible for mandating and operating all of the student services that are offered by the Society. These services include Good Times Diner, ASUS Trips, the Red Room, Jackets, Exchange Buddies, Poster Sales, and Move-in Day Sale, which operate with the purpose to benefit and enhance the student experience within the Queen’s community. Ultimately, the goal of the Services Commission is to generate income for other Society activities and future initiatives. 



The Governance Office is responsible for the internal administration of ASUS. The office deals with ASUS Assembly, Elections, the Constitution and Policy as well as the Archives. The Office has a number of committees that work to further the goal of a well run Society. The Policy and Elections Review Committee acts as the judicial branch of the society, while the Elections Team organizes and oversees the elections process. In total, the Governance Office acts to improve the efficiency and professionalism of the society.


The Marketing Office is responsible for all promotional and advertising material of the Society. The Office’s mission is to provide creative and effective forms of marketing for committees and clubs within and outside of ASUS. We seek to foster an excitingly innovative atmosphere in all of our teams, may it be in Photography, Graphic Design, Videography or in our hands-on Marketing Team. In the Marketing Office, we aim to inspire others as we create in the mediums we are most passionate about.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Office works to maintain the highest quality of volunteer and employee experience by creating and updating policy to maintain the equity and transparency of hiring practices. The Human Resources Office maintains records of all volunteer information and what positions need to be filled. The Human Resources Offices appreciates volunteers monthly through a recognition program and at the end of the year with the annual Volunteer Appreciation Gala.

Through consultation with other Faculty Societies, the Office seeks to act as a resource for all Arts and Science students for topics such as conflict resolution, equitable hiring and to continue to monitor and improve organizational behaviour.